Player Numbers For U10/U11
9 on the field (Including Goal Keeper)
Recommended Players Per Team: 11 or 12
Maximum Players Per Team: 14

Match Format
Field is 70m x 50m
Goals are 5m wide x 2m high
Ball Size 4
25 minute halves with a 5 minute half-time break

  • You may not have more than the maximum number of players (14) in your team.  No Exceptions
  • You must have at least 11 players to form a team (9 on the field and 2 substitutes)
  • All players must be registered and paid before submitting this form, otherwise your submission will be rejected.
  • You do not need to attend team formation day if you have submitted a full team.
  • If you have a partial team, you are unable to submit this form and you will be required to attend team formation day.

Submit Team

List all players in your team. Please ensure you enter both first and last name correctly as per their Play Football registration.
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