Fill in the form below to request access to secured SJFC locations. Filling out the form does not guarantee you will be granted access. 

Access to SJFC secured locations may be a physical or digital key and you are responsible for keeping it secure and not sharing it with anyone. You are liable for the replacement if you lose any keys or locks or any damage occurs because of your negligence. Please treat our SJFC equipment and secured locations the same way you would your own. You wouldn’t leave your front door unlocked so don’t leave our assets unlocked. 

Once you submit the form below, you will be contacted within 5 days. If you are not contacted, you can follow up by emailing [email protected].

By submitting this form, you agree to take responsibility for any Shellharbour Junior Football Club (SJFC) asset you have been granted secure access to. This is including, but not limited to the access hardware (locks, keys, etc), building and equipment. You are liable for any damaged or lost equipment where it is deemed you were negligent. All SJFC assets remain the property of SJFC and by being given access to these secure locations does not give any rights to ownership. All equipment taken from secured rooms must be returned within a reasonable time frame. All secured rooms must be left locked and you are not to grant anyone else access to the room (excluding toilets). Where appropriate, secured rooms have video monitoring and all access to the room is logged on a secure server. This information will be used if we need to determine any negligence. SJFC retains the right to remove any access you have to any SJFC secured location and on request you must return all keys.

Example Replacement Costs
These are some examples of costs you may be liable for if you lose any of the security devices we give you access to. This is just the cost of replacement of the device and does not include any costs incurred due to damage or theft. 

Standard Key – $20
Standard padlock – $50
Council Key – $150
Council Padlock – $200
Smart Padlock – $350

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