Its Time!

Pull up your socks, lace up the boots and get ready for some fun

You now have the opportunity to showcase the new skills you learnt at training.

Whether it is Friday night under the lights, or a chilly weekend morning, there is always a special feeling on game day. Everything you need to know about game day is on this page. Your coach and manager are your first point of contact if you are unsure of something. They are there to help.


Preparing for the game is just as important as training. As with any tasks that involve children, it can sometimes be a struggle to get moving. The key is to make a routine and stick to it. Football is supposed to be fun so make sure you are encouraging your kids and emphasising the fun parts and not focusing on the cold mornings. Give yourself enough time to get to the fields and find parking. If you have an away game then you will need to allow more time for travel. The time you should arrive is determined by the coach. Don’t arrive exactly on game time as the kids need time to settle in, get their shirts and warm up. For under 6’s it is advisable to arrive at least 10 minutes before game time and as your kids get older that pre-game warm up gets longer.

Also, make sure you didn’t forget the drink bottle and warm clothes. Some of these winter mornings can be chilly.


Hopefully you already know where you are off to this weekend, but if you don’t that’s OK. We have 4 very helpful pages that will tell you where you are going, when you are going and how to get there. As always, reach out to your coach or team manager if you are unsure.

Game Schedules

What club and what time

Local Field Locations

The address of all the local clubs

Field Status

Is it raining? Maybe the games are still on

Field Layouts

Home field layouts
Your job isn't done yet

its time to cheer

Sportsmanship & spectators

Football Australia has released guidelines on player and spectator behaviour. We have a zero tolerance policy on anti-social behaviour and our main focus is to protect our players, game officials and volunteers. We encourage family and friends to come and watch the games but we do ask that you make yourself aware of the spectator code of behaviour. 

FFA – Spectator Code of Behaviour

As a spectator, you are not permitted to talk to our match officials before, during or after a game. Keep in mind that some of our match officials are kids themselves and are still learning. If you have a complain then please raise it on the day to one of the club committee members wearing a yellow vest at the fields. 

We do encourage you to cheer as loudly as you can for our players. 

Our field layouts change throughout the day so please be mindful of that. Once the younger games are over the goals will be taken away and bigger fields are set up. If you see people packing up the fields then please offer to help. They are a parent or a volunteer too and if everyone chips in then it makes the experience better for everyone. If you have set up your chairs for the day next to a smaller field, we ask that you vacate the fields ASAP so the next games can begin.

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