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So you have decided to become a coach... Thank You!

Our coaches are at the heart of our organisation. All our coaches are volunteers and may or may not have their own children still playing. There would be no community football if it were not for the countless coaches and team support staff. Every year we have new teams starting and require new coaches.

Coaching is a very rewarding experience. You are a leader amongst your team and your team looks to you for guidance and support in developing their skills in football. At Shellharbour Junior Football Club, we can support you in becoming a coach for your team, whether it is your first year in under 6's, or you are looking at taking on the coaching role for one of our adult teams.

my team

If your child has just started playing and you would like to be a coach then please reach out to us prior to the team formation day. We will do our best to ensure that anyone who wants to be a coach will have a team formed with parents that are happy to be spectators.

If you have just formed a new team and there is no previously nominated coach then it is up to the team to decide. We recommend if you want to be the coach then to mention it to the team as early as possible to ensure there is no dissapointment. If there are multiple parents in the team that would like to be coach then you can share the responsibilities. Don't forget, it takes a village to have a successful football team.

What is a coach?

Now that you have a team and you are a coach, what next? It is the coaches responsibility to ensure the team is ready to play. This involves training the team, warming them up and providing skills and strategy for game day. The coach is not expected to handle off field tasks such as managing parents or organising volunteers. These off field tasks are for the team manager to do.

Don't worry if you aren't too sure what to do. At the start of every season we have a Coaches and Managers meeting to give you all the information you require. Here you will receive your team's equipment and be provided with all the information you require and you can ask any questions. You will be provided with a list of contacts to help you throughout the season.

Training and playing

A coach will usually run weekly training sessions and provide guidance and instruction on game day. You will be asked to nominated some training session times that suit your team. These training sessions are for you to get to know your team and teach them the skills of the game. If you have never coached or played before then thats OK, the main aim is to have fun. Please check out the Coaching Sessions page for some ideas of training sessions you can have.

On game day you are responsible for ensuring your team know what they are doing. You will organise who is on the field, what position they are playing and the game strategy.

What's Next?

All our coaches and managers must have a valid Working With Childrens Check. If you don't have one yet then that is OK, you can still register but you will need to finish the WWC prior to the first game of the season.

IIf you have any questions then first check out the Coach FAQ page. If your questions are not answered there then please Contact Us and we will point you in the right direction.

Register as a coach

Expression of Interest in becoming a

Graded or Development Coach

If you would like to become a coach for one of our graded teams (U13+) or one of the development squads (U10-U12) then please fill out our Expression of Interest form and we will be in contact.

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