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Field Status Meanings

OPEN – Training and games are on! Put on your boots.

CLOSED – Training and games are cancelled for the day. Go back to bed.

REVIEW – We are still reviewing the fields today. This is an automatic status the day following a closed day. We will update it as soon as we can make a call. 

UNKNOWN – Usually shown in the off-season. We aren’t monitoring the fields. If it is during the season then check Facebook

Council Grounds Status

You can see the field status of all local clubs on the relevant council websites below. Please note that clubs have the ability to pay a wet weather bond to the council to open the fields even though the grounds are closed. Sometimes our football fields will be a different status to the Myimbarr status on the council website. Please check this page and Facebook for the most up to date information on field status. 

The aim for the club is to allow games to be played. At times we will let the grounds recover throughout the week for training and pay the bond for game day. 

Shellharbour Council Ground Status

Wollongong Council Ground Status

Kiama Council Ground Status

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