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The coaching session guides on this website are all from playfootball.com.au. Please use the guides below as a quick reference. For more comprehensive guides please visit the Play Football website.

Facilitate, Don't Coach

The Discovery Phase is for the kids to play and learn. Your job is not to coach the children, but to facilitate fun and engaging games. The kids are here to have fun so let them!

Children in this phase need to explore, experience, fail and succeed. This phase is all about developing a passion for football and engaging the kids to get involved. The kids will be clumsy, have short attention spans, unable to work as a team and may be distracted from the game. Football Australia recommends are ‘street football’ approach in which the kids can play without referees and the rules changed throughout the game. 

 If you are coaching a MiniRoos team then it is recommended you read the MiniRoos Kick-Off Session Guide to understand what the Discovery phase is all about. 

Below is 10 sessions to give you some ideas for some activities you can do in your training sessions to engage kids and keep it fun. 

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