What you need to know to

Prepare for a great season

A successful seasons starts in the pre-season. This page has all the information you need to know about pre-season activities, registration and what you need to do to be ready for a new season of football. With over 850 players at SJFC, you are not the only person who is not sure on what to do. If this page does not answer your questions then please reach out via the Contact Page.

Significant Events

Throughout the pre-season there are a few events you need to know about.

Registrations Open - Early January
Grading Days - Early to Mid - Feb
Team Formation Day - Late February
Gala Days - Early to mid April
Pre-Season Competition - Anytime
Season Start - Late April

For specific information about the upcoming seasons then please check the Registration page and keep an eye on our Facebook.


Registration opens in early January. Registration is completed through Play Football and you will find specific registration information on our Registration page. Once you have registered via Play Football you will receive a confirmation of registration and then you just need to keep an eye on the website and Facebook for our significant events.

Pre-Season Training

It is important to keep fit and active during the off-season and one of the best ways to do this is to continue your football training. It is important as a parent that you help foster your child's desire to play and have fun. Here are some websites that provide you with some ideas on how to keep match fit during the off-season.
My Personal Football Coach
Australian Sports Camps


All players in U12 and up need to attend a grading day. Any players in U9-U11 that wish to try out for the development squad will also need to attend a grading day. On grading day you need to ensure you are registered and fully paid. Arive prior to grading to sign in and warm up. Boots and Shin pads are mandatory and do not forget to bring your drink bottle.

Team Formation Day

MiniRoos will need to form their own teams and team formation day is a great way to find new players. If you haven't formed a full team then team formation day will allow you to find some more players. Come along to our team formation day and by the end of the day you will have met many new people and be ready to start the season.

Who to Contact

If you have any additional questions or are feeling the excitement for the upcoming season then there are various people you can contact. Reach out to your coach or team manager as they may have additional information. If they cannot help, reach out to us via our Contact page, find the committee members email on our Committee page, or just reach out on our Facebook Page.

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