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The coaching session guides on this website are all from playfootball.com.au. Please use the guides below as a quick reference. For more comprehensive guides please visit the Play Football website.

For Ages 9 - 12

The Skill Acquisition Phase is when the coach must focus on providing solid foundation of technical skills. This is where the kids need to learn these foundational skills to be able to build and develop into more advanced skills later in their football playing career.

Children are now ready for a more structured approach to training and games. These sessions are focused on 1 core skill per session. The main aim is to develop specific skills but the sessions should also involve fun activities and develop other game understanding. 

It is recommended you read the Football Federation Australia Skill Acquisition Manual for more information on how to engage with the kids and how to deliver these training plans.

Below is 10 sessions to give you some ideas for some activities you can do in your training sessions to engage kids and keep it fun. 

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