3 ways to find a team

Ask around

Ask other kids at school or other sporting events. It’s a great way to meet the parents of your kids friends. This is the best method as your kid’s will be able to play with their friends.

Facebook Group

Join our 2024 Summer Football Facebook group. Here you will find other individual players and also teams looking for a couple of extra players. This is a good way to make new friends and guarantee 

Submit an EOI Below

If all else fails, you can be added to the list, and if there are enough players, a team will be formed automatically. You will then be sent details of your team, and it is up to the parents of the team to decide who will organise. You will then follow the standard team formation process as found here

Expression of Interest

Register on SJFC.com.au


Submit Player Details

Enter your details on the form below

Enter Team Details

Once your payment is processed you will be able to enter your team details including players names and jersey sizes.

We recommend you join the Facebook group and try and build a team from there first but if you are still unsuccessful then you can also enter your expression of interest.

Expression of Interest is coming towards the end of July

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