Registration Inclusions

Summer Football Registration includes:

– Registration to the 10 week season.
– Players Insurance
– 2024 Summer Football Jersey


4 v 4 + substitutes (no goalkeeper)
Minimum 4 players per team
Recommended 7 players
Match Length: TBD
Field: 30m x 20m

$600 per Team
4 – 6 Players
Additional Players $100 each


7 v 7 + substitutes
Minimum 7 players per team
Recommended 9 players
Match Length: TBD
Field: 40m x 30m

$900 Per Team
7 – 9 Players
Additional Players $100 each


6 v 6 + substitutes 
Minimum 6 players per team
Recommended 8 players
Match Length: TBD
Field: TBD

$800 Per Team
6 – 8 Players
Additional Players $100 each

Adding Additional Players

Thank you for joining us for our summer football season. You have already purchased a Summer Football team package. 

If you need to register another team you will need to log out and create a new account with another email address.

To add additional players to your current team you can click the Add To Cart button below.
Each additional player is $100. If any of your additional players are using Active Kids Vouchers then please email [email protected] with their vouchers and we will contact you within 72 hours with further instruction of how to add them to your team.


Paying In Full

No Active Kids Vouchers


If you are paying in full then you need to do the following.

1. Collect the $100 per player from your team.
2. Select the correct package below
3. Add on any additional players (eg, additional 1 player for $100)
4. Click the button below the packages to view your cart and finalise your payment

Once you have paid in full, you will have instant access to our team management page.

Only make a purchase below if you have a full team. We are not placing individuals into partial teams. You must purchase one of the team packages to gain access to the team management page. Paying only for Extra Players will not grant access to the team management page.

Under 6/7
6 Players

Under 8-11
9 Players

Under 12-16
8 Players

Extra Players
1 Extra Player

Click below to finalise team payment

Please Note!!!!
No refunds will be given to anyone who wants to redeem active kids vouchers after this has been purchased. NO EXCEPTIONS

Refunds – Strict Rules Apply
By purchasing this product you are purchasing not only the listed items above, but you are purchasing our services and time to organise the competition. We can provide refunds up to 48 hours after you purchase this item. After that we are unable to give refunds. NO EXCEPTIONS. This is due to the required effort to organise such a large competition and by purchasing this item you are confirming that you have a full team to submit.


Using Active Kids Voucher

AKV + Partial Payment

If you are using 1 or more active kids voucher then you need to do the following.

1. Collect the $50 AKV from your teams parents and the additional $50.
2. Submit the form below with your team details and the active kids voucher list.
3. Wait for us to process the active kids vouchers - up to 72 hours
4. Once processed, you will receive an email with instructions on how pay the remaining amount and submit your team.

Include total number of players including those not using an AKV.
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